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Chemicals management
 Since EU issued the "Regulation on Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals¡±(REACH) in May 2003, in view of its significant influence on China's petrochemical industry, China Petroleum & Chemical Industry Association (CPCIA)* has been tracking on the development of REACH under the support and guidance of the government authorities to render suggestions for modification to relevant EU organizations, publicizing it among business enterprises through mobilization and training initiatives to get fully prepared for responses to the regulation. In June 2007 when REACH came into effect, CPCIA shifted its focus to the organizational work and services to enterprises for their registration with European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).

On June 1, 2007, REACH formally came into force and entered the pre-registration phase. At this stage, the major work of CPCIA was to help enterprises in their registration to minimize the impact of REACH on the export of chemical products from China. In particular, high attention was given during the pre-registration phase from June 1 to November 30, 2008. For products without being pre-registered, export to EU would be at a higher cost.

In order to help exporters get registered, CPCIA has carried out the following work: First, CPCIA set up the ¡°REACH Technical Service Center of China Petrochemical Industry¡± with the authorization of the PRC Ministry of Commerce. Meanwhile, in order to strengthen its leadership and coordination in this work, CPCIA organized the ¡°REACH Leading Team¡± for the specific work. Secondly, based on REACH requirements, CPCIA chose the Finland REACH Service Centre and the REACH Law Firm (REACH Law) as its foreign partners. Finland REACH Service Centre and REACH Law are located in Helsinki, the same city where the ECHA is situated. They embody the visions of assisting non-EU countries with registration, and they have close working relations with the ECHA while rather familiarized with the REACH registration procedures. REACH Law selected Beijing Huateng Hightech Co., Ltd. as its partner to help enterprises collect local data information required by the registration. Thirdly, with the focus on professional associations of inorganic salts, dyes, rubber, chlor-alkali, paint, CPCIA assists to do a better job for pre-registration preparation, with joint registration for same products specifically taken into account. Fourthly, in early March 2008, CPCIA sponsored a working conference on the preparation of pre-registration, where REACH Law and relevant domestic experts were invited to introduce the registration procedures, formalities and the required data for training enterprise personnel.

CPCIA has commissioned the China National Chemical Economic£¦Technical Development Centre to organize chemical experts to compile the Interpretation of EU REACH, the book, based on the details of REACH and its guidance, analyzes the influence of REACH on various sectors of China¡¯s petrochemical industry while putting forward solutions and proposals to guide enterprises to come up with responsive measures with the expectation of accelerating the coupling with the advanced international practices. To help domestic chemical enterprises keep abreast of the latest dynamic trends of REACH, bracing up to the registration of chemical products to be exported to EU countries and safeguard the trading of chemical products to EU, CPCIA held the REACH Technology Summit in Shanghai on December 2, 2009, which achieved excellent results, gaining wide recognition and praise from the participating companies

Protecting human health and environmental safety are the common goals of various countries in achieving sustainable development. The promulgation of REACH serves as a remarkable reference for the development of relevant environmental protection and trade regulations in China. Through responses to REACH, innovation will surely be impelled in our systems and rules for better and healthier development of China's petrochemical industry.

* Since May 10, 2010, China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association (CPCIA) has been changed its name to China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation (CPCIF).
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