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Environment & Safety
 Over the years, China Petroleum & Chemical Industry Federation (CPCIF) has been proactively engaged in the implementation of environmental protection and promotion of production safety, which has ushered in great achievements and fully recognized by companies and government alike. The primary tasks of CPCIF are to assist the government in surveys and development of associated standards, vigorously launch publicity and training initiatives and effectively play the role of the Production Safety Office and the Responsible Care Leading Group.
Assisting the government in surveys and development of standards
In 2009, CPCIF, together with the Ministry of Environmental Protection compiled the cleaner production standard for soda ash, caustic soda and PVC industries and undertook the compilation of 17 cleaner production standards and audit guidelines. In addition, the compilation of the ˇ°Chemical Industry Pollutant Emission Analysis Report and Total Emission Control Scheme" was accomplished, which has smoothly gone through the expert review and project acceptance and been recognized by leaders from the environmental protection authorities further entrusting CPCIF to carry out projects related to pollution reduction and regulation during the ˇ°12th Five-Year Planˇ± period. Commissioned by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, CPCIF completed the "2008 Production Safety Situation Analysis of the Petrochemical Industry", launched special researches on the "Analysis and Strategy Report on the Safety Status of the Petrochemical Industry", "Proposal for GHS Implementation by the Chinese Government", "Development Plan for Dangerous Chemicalsˇ± and the "Standard on Production Safety of Chemical Industry". In addition, CPCIF was also involved in the compilation work organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on the Pesticide Industry Access Regulation and the Isocyanate Industry Access Conditions, in which data and basis were rendered by CPCIF. CPCIF assisted the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) in the compilation of the "Industrial Development Plan for Energy Saving and Environmental Protection" while providing chemical industry-concerned situations as well as opinions for revision as well.
Organizing publicity and training programs
To implement the spirit of the 2009 National Environmental Protection Work Conference and further enhance environmental protection in the petrochemical industry under the economic crisis, CPCIF sponsored the Petrochemical Industry Environmental Forum in Nanning, Guangxi in April 2010. At the conference, the attendees, besides brainstorming new trends and concerns under the economic crisis, proposed measures and requirements for the petrochemical industry to enhance environmental protection and further promote cleaner production, energy saving as well as emission reduction under the economic crisis. On April 9, 2010, China Petroleum & Chemical Industry Association (CPCIA)*, the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Council and the Macau Environmental Protection Bureau jointly organized the first Low-Carbon Economic Forum in Macau to facilitate discussions on the relationship between low-carbon economy and petrochemical industry as well as other issues like how to achieve the carbon-reduction targets. The forum was held during the 2010 Macao International Environmental Cooperation Forum and Exhibition, arousing wide attention in various trades of Macau.

In 2009, CPCIF organized the compilation of the "Training Materials for Emission Statistics of Chemical Industry" and arranged experts for the tutorship. CPCIF also actively partook in the "Environmental Policies, Cleaner Production Cooperation Projects" deployed by NDRC and Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany in China while German experts were organized twice in the consultancy and diagnosis of 6 pilot enterprises (e.g. Xinjiang Tianye (Group) Co., Ltd.) on cleaner production for extracting solutions. Moreover, in Beijing training programs were conducted for pilot enterprises on cleaner production, with German experts invited for the tutorship.

CPCIF has been publishing the "Monthly Report on Safety " since July 2009, with "Safety News" ,"Major Events Tracking", "Safety Work of Associationˇ±, "Responsible Care" and other featured columns, which are dedicated to reporting the sensitive and major events in the industry through industry insights, Internet search and other means.
Production Safety Office and the Responsible Care Leading Group
CPCIF set up the Production Safety Office and the Responsible Care Leading Group successively, hence creating excellent conditions for the promotion work in terms of organization.

* Since May 10, 2010, China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association (CPCIA) has been changed its name to China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation (CPCIF).
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