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Chemical Parks
Established in 2005, the Chemical Industry Park Working Committee is affiliated to China Petroleum & Chemical Industry Federation (CPCIF) with its major work as below: launching research and furnishing advices for government departments on the development of polices, regulations and guidance concerning the Chemical Industry Park; collecting, exchanging on and promoting the new standards, rules, typical experience, management methods, technical and economic information in the construction of both domestic and foreign chemical industry parks; organizing professional technical and management staff of the Chemical Industry Park in training programs, carrying out special studies, technical lectures, seminars and information exchange; organizing and partaking in exchange programs and communications between domestic and foreign chemical industry parks, developing relations with relevant domestic and foreign industrial organizations, organizing and participating in activities such as international exchanges and inspections about scientific information and technology, sponsoring and getting involved in exhibitions; providing advisory services on the development plan, industrial layout and introduction of intelligence, finance, project and technology for the Chemical Industry Park; publishing related publications and information; committing to other relevant work entrusted by the Federation and government departments.

According to statistics, there were 1,568 national and provincial development zones, among which 357 are primarily engaged in chemical or petrochemical industry. In addition, surveys show that there are additional 33 Chemical Industry Parks not included in the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) approved national and provincial development zone list; that is to say, there are altogether 390 chemical and petrochemical industry parks taking chemical or petrochemical industry as one of their focuses.

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