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Chairman's message:
The petroleum and chemical industry is essential for the development of national economy. As the only umbrella organization representing this pillar industry, China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation (CPCIF) is committed to uniting the whole industry and achieving sustainable development. Thanks to the generous support from the whole industry especially from our members, CPCIF is now developing healthily and rapidly while paying close attention to enhancing capacity building and business expansion through reform and exploration.

Under the background of continuous progress of reform and opening up, as well as the improved market economy, CPCIF has taken every effort to voice the interest of this industry, promote technology innovation and bridge international cooperation in order to facilitate the industry development and service enterprises. CPCIF has won a good reputation for its fairness and efficiency in work and its commitment has been widely recognized and valued by companies, government and industry associations.

The petroleum and chemical industry is facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities under the economic globalization, and CPCIF will always stay with the industry to fulfill our duties and play a better role. I sincerely hope that colleagues and friend both at home and abroad will work closely together to make more contribution to the rapid development of this industry and to the prosperity of human society.

Let¡¯s stride forward together for taking on our great responsibilities.
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